Folic Acid

First of all, let us know what is folic acid good for our body and what is it. Lucy Wills discovered a link between folic acid and anemia during pregnancy back in 1931. Wills observed the fact that anemia could be overcome by consuming yeast, a great source of such vitamin. It was first extracted in its pure form in the early 1940s from spinach leaves. This early research also led to the discovery of an antifolate known as aminopterin. Aminopterin went on to become the first ever anticancer drug in the last 1940s. By the late 1960s scientists had discovered links between folate deficiency and birth defects. In the late 90s scientists in the US discovered that many people were not able to meet their daily needs for vitamin B9, despite the many different foods which contain it. Because of this the US founded the Folate Fortification Program to help people learn about the importance of this vitamin.

After the discovery that vitamin B9 deficiency was a leading contributor to neural tube defects in pregnant women, governments and other organizations worldwide has begun to recommend folic acid as a supplement for all pregnant women, or any woman who intends to become pregnant.

Many countries have also started fortifying their flour supplies with this supplement to help ensure people are getting enough in their diet. This program has raised some concerns about personal liberties, including the issue of the supplement fortification masking B12 deficiency, which can lead to pernicious anaemia and other neurological disorders.

It can be found in leafy green vegetables as well as in cereals and breads. Cereals and breads are the greatest source of this supplement found in Western diets. Other foods containing it include egg yolks, yeast, sunflower seeds, liver and most legumes including beans, lentils and peas. Folate deficiency (read here: Folic Acid Ovedose | Health Guide HQ) is caused by a lack of vitamin B9 in the diet. It can cause a wide range of health problems including birth defects in the neural tube of a developing embryo.

Symptoms of the condition might include shortness of breath, weakness, numb arms or legs, and diarrhea. Long term deficiency can cause nerve damage in the body, pregnancy complications, confusion, forgetfulness or a number of other mental conditions. It can also cause symptoms like mouth sores, headaches, chest pains, irritability and a wide range of behavioral disorders. Not only that, but because folic acid is needed for DNA repair, folate deficiency can also be a contributing factor for development of cancer.

Quantum Jumping Review

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Water – A Key to Your Success

I’m sure you have heard this a million times but water really is an important factor in achieving or maintaining a healthy weight.  I have been using a food journal lately and one thing that I noticed about my habits is that when I don’t have enough water I binge.  I can’t say enough about the importance of keeping a food journal for a week or so.  This helps you track your progress along with seeing what meals work for you.  My food journal tracking was very basic – time of meal along with meal description as well as time and type of workout.  I noted when I would binge and overwhelmingly the reason was lack of water.

I typically start my day with one glass of water prior to eating anything.  Throughout the day I drink nothing but water although I do have one cup of coffee after eating my breakfast.  I don’t drink the coffee for energy but because I enjoy the taste.  I decreased my consumption to one cup a day and I enjoy it with some liquid vanilla stevia and organic half and half so it is about 40 calories – not bad.  Side note: I find that having a green smoothie in the mornings yields the most energy.

Do you drink bottled water?  I don’t very often.  I find that the Brita Classic Water Pitcher works perfectly and I love it.  We used to spend so much on bottled water but now we save so much and still have great tasting water.  Not to mention the convenience of this type of product – just fill it with cold water from the tap and that’s it.  When I leave the house I usually fill up my water bottle and take it with me.  It is a simple BPA free 24 ounce water bottle.

Have you heard all of the rage about alkaline water?  My husband and mom actually introduced it to me although I had heard some ramblings about it.  My mom purchased this IonPod for me and I like it.  It is supposed to filter the water and turn it alkaline.  I’m not sure if it works because I haven’t tested the water but it does taste good.  You can just add some fresh lemon juice to your water to adjust the alkalinity according to many sources.

All of this to say that water is most definitely a main contributor to successfully staying on track so drink up and you’ll be even closer to reaching your goals.  Water keeps you full and satisfied along helping to curb those cravings.

Health Benefits of Acai

Amazonians have known about the astounding health benefits of acai for centuries but little has been known about this nutritionally potent berry by theacai berry rest of the world up until a few years ago.

Acai berries are being touted as the one of the worlds most effective and most powerful antioxidants you can find. This probably explains all of the media hype and why the acai berry has recruited thousands of religious consumers that believe 100% this berry will help fight disease and other illnesses, including myself! I personally have been consuming this product for over a year and have experienced some of the amazing benefits outlined below. I have also turned this product into a successful and rewarding home business simply by sharing the health benefits of acai.

Discover This Wonderful Opportunity

The health benefits of acai berry are just amazing. Since taking a regular dosage of a highly effective acai berry juice blend, I personally have noticed quite a few of these health benefits including increased energy levels, improved workout recovery times (due to it’s high protein content), better sleep, reduced knee and joint pain, mental clarity and focus, and I have stopped snacking so much throughout the day. My family has seen improved cholesterol and blood pressure levels, reduced pain as a result of arthritis, and increased energy levels.

Health Benefits of Acai

The acai berry is one that most have not heard until the last few years. It is packed with antioxidants, nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that have helped so many people get back their health and vitality. Antioxidants properties of foods are measured in ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) Scores. The orac scoreacai berry antioxidant properties are 10 times more powerful than red grapes and 30 times more anthocyanins than red wine without the alcohol!

Antioxidants are important for prevention of so many things ranging from premature aging, many types of cancers, and other ailments so the more you get each day the better you are protecting yourself!

Need More Proof?

1. Improves mental clarity and focus of the mind which of course can lead to a more productive day.

2. Provides a boost to our immune system and helps to fight off illness and disease.

3. Increases energy levels as acai helps eliminate free radicals from our body and other harmful agents and allows our body to function more efficiently.

4. Acai is high in fiber and can help naturally cleanse our body eliminating harmful substances and make us feel more regular.

5. High levels of antioxidants in foods can helps our bodies fight cancerous cells in our body and protect us from oxidative stress.

6. Provides our bodies with high level nutrition as acai contains many vitamins and minerals to support good health.

7. Maintains healthy functioning of the heart and helps to regulate cholesterol and blood pressure levels in the body.

8. Reduces inflammation in the body which we all know can causes joint soreness, high blood pressure, infections, and other illnesses.

9. Has been suggested by researchers to slow down the aging process and decreases the side effects associated with aging like wrinkles. Keeps our skin looking healthy, young, and supple.

10. Strengthens our eyesight and helps to reduce vision loss as we age.

11. Helps relieve arthritis pain and discomfort.

12. Aids in speedy recovery from workouts and even following both major and minor surgeries.

Wow!! If those are not good enough reasons for you to start consuming acai and purchase one of the best acai products on the market, then I don’t know what will. You can achieve better health if you only give it a try!

Acai Berry Juice Featured on CBS “The Doctors”

Simply said…the acai berry is one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet and I would recommend it to anyone! We all need better health but we need it in a convenient way. Acai juices make this possible because they are quick and easy ways to increase your fruit consumption everyday in 2-4 oz a day! Share with the world the benefits of acai products, learn about becoming an independent acai distributor!

Fisherman’s Mission

Fisherman’s Mission are interested in being arty and overly indulgent so it comes as a great shock and a pleasure to Fisherman’s Mission that people keep liking their songs.

The full line up of Fisherman’s Mission was completed in February of 2007. We think. Anyway, that’s frankly irrelevant so I’ll move on.

Fisherman’s Mission have recorded 1 album so far, called ‘This is Therapy’ and will be released soon. Of the time spent in the studio, it has been rumoured that Fisherman’s Mission actually worked really hard, and didn’t have any barries at all, but for the time being that will have to be filed as simple hearsay. The 8 track album features the songs that the band have written in the year leading up to the recording, and may be worth a few quid a some years to come so buying that would make good financial sense.

That’s about it, really, given that it’s nigh on impossible to describe what a band sounds like without sounding a bit odd. It’s best just to have a listen, and I reckon by the time you have got this far into reading this you’ve got your own thoughts on that anyway. So instead, here is a list of types of cat that we like: Selkirk rex; British Blue; LaPerm; Norwegian Forest; Devon Rex and Pixie-Bob.

Neon Highwire

Neon Highwire offer up everything from precise, lean pop reminiscent of Devo to sweltering builds that hark as much of towering electronic influences like Daft Punk as avant-garde art punk like Sonic Youth. Their sound is a melting pot of eclecticism tied together with a coherence which gives them their distinctive style. Part electronic dance machine, part balls-out rock, part pop darlings, there’s a maturity in the sound borne from a near-fanatical perfectionism which has led to many iterations of each track on the journey to its final state.

Formed in the autumn of 2008, the group began creating relentless dance music driven by a distorted bass guitar and a simple sampler in order to cleanse their palettes from previous Bristol-based projects Antistar and Antiba. Both of these previous bands had shown a great ability to create guitar based rock that was simultaneously infectious and unafraid to try new things. The results of the initial jams was an uncompromising sound falling somewhere between Death From Above 1979 and 65DaysOfStatic that evolved further as the band became familiar with the setup, each other and themselves. Over time songs emerged from these beginnings which were mercilessly edited to reveal the deeper melodies within. These tracks were to become the Luminescence EP.

The tracks taken from the forthcoming EP Luminescence deftly combine sophisticated layering in the song structures whilst simultaneously leaving hooks stuck in your head long after the music has finished. From the commanding stomp of Neon Blink to the electrifying onslaught of Don’t: Wait, the tunes are fat free and incredibly addictive.

Their live show is an explosive, somewhat theatrical affair where the tracks meld together as one big mood aligning mix whilst the band themselves are a blur of energy belting out note after note as though it’s the most important of their existence. This has helped them gain a fast growing reputation which sees them regularly play in London venues such as 93 Feet East, The Old Blue Last and 333.

Tom Robinson championed Under Moonlight on his BBC 6 Music show, and with good reason. It’s a straightforward song that shows a knack for knowing where to add more and where to strip away. The pounding breakdown and build that appear where usually you’d find a more traditional middle eight in a song put your hairs on end with anticipation. By the time it kicks in to the last chorus, you’re powerless to resist.

Neon Highwire are currently booking a UK tour scheduled for 2010 to promote the release of the Luminescence EP.


More Stranglers and Clash than Ramones or Sex Pistols, Belter plays original punk rock with intelligent lyrics and catchy hooks.

Their debut album, The Riots, the Shots and the Pious, released in October 2009, showcases songs from the band’s energetic live set. From the piano-led tango-esque fun of Cupid through the fat bassline of Efexor XL to the hypnotic keyboard sounds and driving drums of Poison, the album shows Belter to be a band that can mix seriousness with tongue in cheek and come out with music that appeals as much to your feet as it does to your ears.

Regulars on the London live music scene, Belter have also performed at such celebrated venues as the Paradiso in Amsterdam, and at the end of October 2009 returned from a tour of New York City promoting their album and playing in the USA for the first time. The band will be following this up with shows across the UK, expanding their London home base, and further touring in Europe.

With their infectious on-stage chemistry and fast-growing popularity, Belter will take their career to the next level in 2010.

Kitty and the Lost Boys

Red Stripe Music Award- “Kitty and the Lost Boys took to the stage and kicked the show into another gear. Fronted by the gorgeous Kitty, the band looked great together and delivered a tight performance, wowing the crowd with some great lyrics and Blondie influenced vocals.”

Lemonrock review of ‘True Baby’: “This pop song was written by Kitty when she was 11. Given the standard of ‘adult’ pop tunes being touted on the radio today, this shows remarkable talent. Yes, it has a simple innocence, both lyrically and in the slightly over-compressed mix, but then, so do most Blondie songs. Here’s to original home-grown UK pop! This song appears on Kitty & The Lost Boys first album “Losing The Habit”.

Tavistock Band fronted by glamorous female vocalist and bass player. Their debut album Losing The Habit was released at the end of 2006 Album No. 2 NEVERLAND can be bought on Amazon, iTunes etc and work has just commenced on Album No 3 IT’S NOT OK with video to follow. Watch this space! This year has also seen Kitty and The Lost Boys featured on a compilation CD “Cornwall Introducing” alongside some other excellent local bands!!

2009 is set to be an electric year for Kitty and the Lost Boys!!

Kitty and The Lost Boys have gigged extensively in the southwest and Spain over the past 18 months and featured on Radio Devon, Jump Radio, BBC Radio 6, Exeter Hospital Radio, Radio Southwest, Pirate FM and EXETER FM. They were also selected to play at the RED STRIPE MUSIC AWARDS NA UNSIGNED and chosen by as one of their 100 unsigned bands. They also won week 4 of the people’s music awards in both pop and indie section